MOBILE ANIMAL CT uses NeuroLogica's CereTom; a compact, lightweight, portable, highspeed, 8 slice helical CT scanner, optimized for scanning anatomy that can be imaged in the 25cm field of view.

Ceretom Unit in CT Truck

Good candidates for CT scanning include dogs with nervous system disorders – such as seizures and behavior changes – or animals that have problems walking. CT also can be used if we suspect masses or tumors in the lungs or abdomen, and it is invaluable for imaging the brain. CT scanning has been used for ear and nose disease and can also help in determining difficult fractures of the head and spine.


CT is also very sensitive at confirming and locating masses within the lungs to show whether there is one tumor or many. Radiographs alone are not very good at showing very small lung tumors. Essential information can be obtained, such as how invasive a mass is and if it is likely to be removed with surgery.


CT has many beneficial applications in veterinary medicine that allows for a more accurate diagnosis and better treatment for your pet.



-Cervical Spine

-Thoracic/Lumbar Spine


-Ectopic ureter

-Adrenal gland


-Tumor Definition

-Liver, Pancreatitis, Spleen


-Fracture Evaluation

-Elbow Dysplasia




-Pulmonary Bulla

-Metastatic  Evaluation



-Nasal Cavity

-Bullae Evaluation


-Facial Fractures


Ceretom Computer in CT Truck
Ceretom in CT Truck
Cat entering MACT Ceretom for CT scan

Computed tomography was first used in 1971 in human medicine in England. The image produced is reconstructed from many radiographic images taken of the animal. Very fine x-ray beams are sent through the body to detectors, which then send the signals to a computer which processes the image.


For a CT scan, a dog or cat is placed under anesthesia, positioned on a table that slides the pet through a ring containing the x-ray source and the X-ray detectors. The CT images are cross-sectional slices of the area imaged. These slices can be examined one by one to reveal the details inside.

Mobile Animal CT Truck

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Ceretom Unit in CT Truck
Mobile Animal CT Truck
Ceretom Unit in CT Truck
Ceretom Computer in CT Truck
Ceretom in CT Truck
Mobile Animal CT Truck
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Mobile Animal CT Truck
Ceretom Computer in CT Truck