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The Mobile Animal CT Story…

The Diagnostic Testing Dilemma…

The advancement of diagnostic testing in veterinary medicine has been a blessing and a curse for the veterinary practitioner.  Veterinarians realize that new and specialized equipment is available to get the most information to help arrive at the right diagnosis.  However, the cost involved, and even what to do with that information, has limited most veterinarians from offering these services in their own hospitals.

As a veterinarian myself, I also struggled with this dilemma.  Like many other practitioners, I purchased an ultrasound unit, only soon to realize the extreme learning curve and skill needed to get diagnostic quality images.  I recognized that CT was a better option in that CT delivered consistent diagnostic images, without the years of training necessary with ultrasound.  Technicians could be rapidly trained to acquire excellent CT images and telemedicine enabled boarded veterinary radiologists to read these high-quality images.

The availability of CT in my practices allowed me to help my clients make better decisions for their beloved pets.

I wanted to bring this great diagnostic tool to as many veterinarians as possible.  But CT equipment was expensive, required significant modification (lead) of a dedicated room, and massive upgrading of a hospital’s electrical systems.  If there was only a way to have access to a CT scanner “on demand” – when it was needed, and without the need for significant financial investment.

The Launch of Mobile Animal CT

Technology caught up in good way for the veterinarian.  Neurologica (now a subsidiary of Samsung) developed the first in a line of portable CT scanners – the Ceretom.  This compact, lightweight, portable, internally shielded, high speed, 8-slice helical CT scanner opened the door to affordable, practical veterinary CT scanning.  The Ceretom has a small footprint, requires no additional external shielding, no dedicated room, and no expensive electrical upgrade.

This scanner was perfect for mobile CT scanning.  The Ceretom is now in use in “stroke ambulances” across the country. The Ceretom has proved to be the answer to Mobile Veterinary CT imaging.

In 2011, I launched Mobile Animal CT in Southern California.  Mobile Animal CT opened the door to Veterinarians to take advantage of the best and most modern CT imaging equipment, in their own hospitals.  CT is available on an as needed basis, with no outlay of money.  CT scans can usually be scheduled by the next day, and even same day for emergency situations. Results are available immediately and interpretations in 24 hours or less.  Having the capability has been a game-changer for many practices!

Mobile CT scanning for all veterinary hospitals is cost effective (usually much less than imaging centers), convenient for the client (no traveling to distant imaging centers), and convenient for the veterinarian (you maintain a normal schedule). Veterinarians, primary care and specialists, are now able to offer the advanced imaging when necessary, in their own hospitals, to best help their client make informed decisions concerning ongoing care for their beloved pets.

Mobile CT expands into Arizona and beyond…

In 2019 Mobile Animal CT expanded into the Phoenix and Tucson metro areas and will be expanding into other major cities very soon.

In addition, Mobile Animal CT is now one of just a few authorized sales agents for Samsung’s Neurologica portable CT product line. We can help in the selection and purchase of a portable CT system that meets your exact needs and requirements.  Samsung/Neurologica has developed the most innovative portable CT scanners available.  In today’s crowded market, their products and services are head and shoulders above the competition.

Samsung/Neurologica makes a portable CT scanner for every size veterinary patient – and can be neatly tucked away when not in use – never taking up valuable floor space.

For entrepreneurs who want to start their own mobile CT practice (without brick and mortar restrictions), Mobile Animal CT will build a custom truck, complete with a full portable CT scanning system, and train you and your staff to use the equipment to produce state of the art CT images.

Our Mission at Mobile Animal CT is to build awareness of the value of CT in veterinary medicine and to make CT an imaging modality available to all practitioners of the art.

I look forward to meeting you!

Dr. Jonnie Quantz
Founder, Mobile Animal CT