Mobile CT Scanning (Southern California and Arizona)

If your veterinary practice is located in Southern California or the Phoenix/Tucson areas, Mobile Animal CT is able to bring a state-of-the-art CT scanner directly to your veterinary hospital, primary care or referral facility. Your clients and patients will enjoy the convenience of having the CT scan done in a familiar setting.

Mobile practices and mobile specialists?  We also work with you!

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Mobile Animal CT comes to your Veterinary Hospital and performs CT scans right on site in a specially designed and equipped truck. Mobile Animal CT trucks are built on a 24-foot Ford Econoline chassis/box truck that fits in just over 1 parking space. Veterinarians can order their patient’s CT scan and continue to perform their daily work flow while the scan is performed.

Veterinarians and their staff are always welcome on the truck scanning unit. Mobile Animal CT will have a physical presence at the requesting hospital for about 1 to 1 ½ hours – from set up to break down. The actual scan times take about 30 – 40 seconds per pass.

Images are available for viewing immediately upon completion of the CT scan. All CT scans are read by a boarded Veterinary Radiologist, usually within 24 hours. Stat readings are available.

Logistics usually allow to schedule scans next day, with some availability for same day scans on an emergency basis. The care of the patient remains with the referring veterinarian. Mobile Animal CT does not work directly with individual pet owners. Mobile Animal CT only scans at the request of the referring veterinarian.

CT Scanner Sales

Mobile Animal CT is one of just a few authorized sales agents for Samsung’s Neurologica portable CT product line We can help in the selection and purchase of a portable CT system that meets your exact needs and requirements.  Samsung/Neurologica has developed the most innovative portable CT scanners available.  In today’s crowded market, their products and services are head and shoulders above the competition.

Samsung/Neurologica makes a portable CT scanner for every size veterinary patient with gantry size ranging from 28 cm to 85 cm.  Samsung/Neurologica’s portable CT scanners are all FDA certified, ensuring the safety of the operators and patients and delivering the highest quality image.  Mobile Animal CT sells only these scanners to veterinarians because they are the best CT scanners available for the veterinarian and the veterinary patient.

The CereTom® is an 8-slice small-bore Portable CT scanner that delivers the highest quality non-contrast, angiography, and contrast perfusion scans.

Its combination of rapid scan time, easy-to-use interface, and immediate image viewing make CereTom an indispensable tool for any veterinarian needing real-time, high-quality images, cost effective CT imaging.

Images are DICOM 3.1 compliant with a worklist modality module, that allows for seamless integration with  PACS. Every CereTom comes with a Carbon fiber radiolucent table designed to properly position the veterinary patient in the bore.  This table is capable of holding up to 150 pounds.

The CereTom has a small footprint for easy storage when not in use.  There is no need for a specially designed room or electrical upgrade.  The CereTom goes where it is needed in the hospital – surgical suite, emergency room floor, ICU – wherever you need the scan.  When a patient is too unstable to move, the CereTom will go to the veterinary patient.

The OmniTom® is the newest scanner in Samsung/Neurologica’s portable line up.  It is a truly revolutionary 16 slice portable CT scanner with a larger gantry – at 40 cm – to handle all your small animal patients. The OmniTom®  has the same small footprint as its cousin the CereTom.  The OmniTom is extremely light at 771 pounds and has an internal drive mechanism and innovative wheels that allow it to move 360 (degrees) in any direction.   The OmniTom can maneuver effortlessly into your tightest spaces for precision accuracy in the operating room or for biopsies or around a crowded ICU.

The OmniTom is capable of a 0.625 mm slice and delivers enhanced image contrast and sharpness through advanced noise reduction and metal artifact reduction.   Images are available for immediate viewing and advanced reconstruction includes 3D and multi-planar viewing.

Because the OmniTom is internally shielded and requires no customized room or upgrading of your electrical systems – it is cost effective for the veterinary practitioner.   When not in use, the OmniTom can be stored against a wall – never taking up highly prized floorspace or its own room in your veterinary hospital.

The BodyTom® is Samsung/Neurologica’s largest portable scanner.  The system boasts and impressive 85 cm gantry and 60 cm field of view – the largest field of view available in a portable scanner.  The BodyTom is the world’s first portable 32 slice CT scanner.  The BodyTom allows immediate visualization in 2D, 3D, and MPR viewing.  Its internal drive system allows it to maneuver and be setup for scanning wherever it is needed – especially valuable in large animal and equine practices as well as Zoo’s.  Transporting large, unpredictable animals to the CT scanning room is no longer necessary – creating a much safer environment for the technicians and veterinarians – as well as the patients.

The BodyTom has internal lead shielding and a cutting-edge on-board battery system that plugs into 110 or 220 voltage.  There is no need to specially outfit a room with lead shielding or upgraded electrical – affording the veterinary hospital versatility and enormous cost savings.

The BodyTom uses a carbon fiber radiolucent pedestal style table that is capable of holding up to 550 lb (227kg) veterinary  patients.

Build a Customized Truck

Bringing much needed, cost effective CT imaging to Veterinarians everywhere is the mission of Mobile Animal CT.   If you are entrepreneurial and interested in starting a mobile CT imaging service in your area, Mobile Animal CT can help you realize your vision.

Mobile Animal CT will build a customized truck for you and train you and your staff to perform quality CT scans in the mobile environment, using Samsung/Neurologica’s portable CT scanners.  The CereTom®  and the OmniTom®  are uniquely suited to scanning Veterinary patients in the mobile environment.  These CT scanners are rugged and dependable – they are made to move.  Mobile Animal CT has been scanning in the mobile environment for over 8 years.

The CereTom and the new OmniTom are internally shielded and require only 110 voltage, making their use on mobile imaging trucks practical and cost effective.  A physicist generated Radiation Protection Shielding Design and Diagnostic X-ray Equipment Radiation Safety Survey Report are available and show the safety of these mobile CT scanning units.

Please contact us at or call our Los Angeles number 310-936-6008, if you would like to discuss this exciting option.