COVID-19 Response

How we are addressing COVID-19

Last updated: March 27, 2020

To Our Colleagues:

In the last 2 weeks, COVID-19 has impacted the practice of Veterinary Medicine in ways we never imagined possible.  Veterinary Medicine is an Essential Business and veterinarians can continue to operate our businesses in all 50 states – but most of us are redefining how we do business. Veterinarians are spreading out appointment scheduling to prevent overlapping clients, veterinarians are providing concierge service at the car to minimize their client’s need to enter the hospital, and many Veterinarians are delaying less time sensitive services and procedures and limiting their focus to sick and injured patients.

During this ongoing crisis, MOBILE ANIMAL CT is continuing to serve our veterinary colleagues.  We are here for you and your patients – to provide lifesaving diagnostic information – in the safest manner for your patients, your clients, and your staff.
  • MACT Truck Teams are continuing to add additional contagion control and practicing social distancing while keeping your patients safe.  Our efforts are ongoing to make your experience with us a safe one – for our Veterinary Colleagues, for our employees, and for our valuable patients.  We appreciate your input at all times.
  • MACT Truck Teams can, when appropriate, meet with doctors and staff at your hospital – outside the hospital – to discuss your patients.
  • MACT Truck Teams are now wearing isolation gear while interacting with your employees and while scanning.  Our Truck Teams will be wearing masks, isolation gowns, booties, and gloves – fresh with each scan.
  • MACT Truck Teams will use electronic communication whenever possible to maximize social distancing.

At a time when it is becoming harder to get the advanced diagnostics your patients need;  MACT Truck Team’s response time is still the next day – with the potential for same day with emergent cases.

MACT is grateful to Veterinary Health care providers who are working tirelessly through this unfolding crisis.  As a profession and as a society, we will be tested severely.  In the end, we will get through this.